6 Amazing Facts About Information Technology

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Information technology is a broad term that encompasses many different industries. There are so many amazing facts about information technology, but we’ll share 6 of the best ones with you today.

Fact 1:

Firstly, did you know that the world is home to approximately two billion websites? This number continues to skyrocket as more and more people begin building their own sites. It’s a big industry with a lot of room for growth!

Fact 2:

Secondly, did you know that there are more than three billion people who use the Internet? That’s almost half of the entire world. It’s safe to say that information technology is one of the most important aspects in today’s society!

Fact 3:

Thirdly, have you ever thought about how much data is stored worldwide? You’d be surprised by the answer. There are an estimated 650 exabytes worth of memory space on all devices around the globe! This number continues to expand as time goes on and companies continue developing new ways to store our memories digitally rather than physically.

Fact 4:

Fourthly, it might come as a surprise but there were nearly 700 million PC shipments globally last year alone . The amount of computers being used every single day has increased immensely since

Fact 5:

Did you also know that information technology makes up roughly five percent of our GDP or Gross Domestic Product? That means this field contributes greatly towards our economy on both small and large scales. The possibilities really are endless when it comes to what can be achieved in IT.

Fact 6:

Lastly, there was once an estimated four million developers working within the Information Technology sector across North America alone. Nowadays it seems like everyone has at least dabbled with creating some sort of website or application through programming languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Why has IT become so in-demand around the world?

It’s because of the many career opportunities that are available thanks to the Internet. It’s easier than ever before to become a global company with just one person and their laptop!

Firstly, did you know that information technology is mainly used through computers? No matter what country you go to or even if people don’t have access to electricity, there is a good chance they own a computer. This has led most companies around the world being 100% reliant on IT in order for them to be successful from day-to-day operations. Secondly, it may surprise you but approximately 70 percent of organizations worldwide use cloud computing. If this number continues rising at its current rate then we could see almost every major business becoming completely dependent on cloud storage within ten years!